Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we get asked.

  • What areas do you service? +

    We are based out of Saskatoon but we service areas all around Saskatchewan. If you require a service give us a call and we can quote you based on your location.
  • What do you charge? +

    Every project is different. The cost will depend on the time it takes to complete the task, materials used, and possibly customer’s location. Please contact us for more details.
  • What is the "sealing" of granite? +

    Sealing granite surfaces requires the filling of stone surface with silicones providing protection against unwanted absorption in the stones surface and seams. The sealers are indented to protect the surface by preventing water and oils from being absorbed by the stone. Our specialized sealers can provide a small window of opportunity tfor you to remove damaging substances such as acids from certain food or products or staining substances such as coffee and wine before severe damage can occur. Acids will etch the granite surface, however if the damage is not too extensive RockFX can surely resolve the problem.
  • How do I know if my stone is sealed? +

    There is a simple test that you can complete to determine if your granite is sealed.   Assure that the surface is clean, dry and wax free Pour a small amount of water (about 1″ in diameter) Let the water sit for a while (5 to 10 minutes) Although this test will determine whether or not your granite is sealed, we do not recommend waiting until your stone is at this vulnerable state before deciding to sealing it.
  • How often does it need to be resealed? +

    We recommend sealing your granite every 6 months to a year depending of the amount of use the granite gets.
  • How can I find out if my seam, crack, ship or stain can be repaired? +

    Call us!  It is likely that we will be able to do something with the defect in your stone that will make you happy but we will not know unless we see the problem.  Usually we can determine whether or not something can be fixed and the cost to fix it from a picture that you send us.  On occasion we may need to do an home visit in order to determine the cost while onsite.
  • Can I reuse my countertop? +

    Yes!  We can modify your countertops to fit a new application or renovation.  Call us to consult with you in the process before you start to make sure that we can modify the tops to suite your needs.
  • Can I change my sink without changing the countertops? +

    Yes! Again, please call us before you purchase your new sink but as long as we are able to modify the tops to fit the new sink it is possible.

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